GTVBHD - HD Passive Video Balun

  • Features


  • Compatible with all HD-TVI/AHD analog camera
  • No power required
  • Colour video max up to 230m(754ft) for HD-TVI 720P camera
  • Colour video max up to 250m(820ft) for HD-TVI 1080P camera
  • Colour video max up to 320m(1050ft) for HD-TVI 720P analog camera
  • Colour video max up to 330m(1082ft) for HD-TVI 960P analog camera
  • Push pin terminal connection for UTP cable
  • Built-in TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor) for surge protection
  • Wave Filter Design, Anti-Static Design
  • Lightning protection design Grade:lll
  • 60dB crosstalk and noise immunity
  • Exceptional interference rejection
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